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May 17, 2012
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Disney Hunger Games by blastedgoose Disney Hunger Games by blastedgoose
February 12, 2013
This artwork is now AVAILABLE FOR PRINT at [link].

Let me know your feedback in the comments below! :)


Note: I STRONGLY recommend you to DOWNLOAD this for FULL-VIEW! OR ELSE I will set my tracker jackers lose on you!!!

Tada! Been working on this for over a month! I know some characters are missing but after a lot of thinking, these were the ones who made it! I based my decision on how well he/she fit the District specialization and how angry fans would be if I didn't include him/her.

District 1 (Luxury) - Aladdin & Jasmine I had to choose characters who represented luxury, at the same time intimidating enough to be Careers. With themes like greed & temptation (Cave of Wonders) and Aladdin's misguided notion that love can be won with power and riches, they seemed to be a good fit.

District 2 (Masonry) - Shang & Mulan Shang and Mulan is the only Disney couple who are both military trained, so it makes sense they belong in the District that specializes in weapons and Capitol soldiers. Also, I can def see them as Careers.

District 3 (Technology) - Milo & Kida Who else imagined Beetee to look like Milo in the books? I did! I know Atlantis isn't one of the more popular movies, but Milo and Kida fit in so well that I couldn't leave them out! Plus the movie's steam punk vibe totally fits the HG!

District 4 (Fishing) - Eric & Ariel Need I say more?

District 5 (Power) - Hercules & Meg Power has a triple meaning here. In the books, it refers to electricity, which goes hand in hand with the God of Thunder's son. The second meaning is physical power, which Hercules possesses. Thirdly, the movie is all about the power of love, which is what drove Meg to sacrifice her life for Herc, and vice versa.

District 6 (Transportation) - Naveen & Tiana I thought of transportation here in an abstract sense. Of the Disney movies, the Princess and the Frog was the one that focused most on the concept of journey: the literal journey from the town to the Bayou and back, the emotional journey from ambition/greed to love, and the transformational journey from frog to human.

District 7 (Lumber) - Tarzan & Jane I know lumber comes from the forest and Tarzan is set in the jungle but SHUSH! It fits okay???

District 8 (Textile) - Charming & Cinderella Cinderella is basically a story about how a maid snagged a prince because she was wearing a nice outfit. Textiles = cloth = outfit. So there.

District 9 (Grain) - Beast & Belle This was the hardest to place. Beast and Belle fit NONE of the Districts, but they fell into the category of "how angry fans would be if I didn't include him/her." I tried to justify it by thinking that grain = seed = rose? Contrived but there you go. By the way... in this world, Beast is a muttation. When he was a child, he was affected by some radiation or whatever, but it only affected his physical appearance so he's still eligible to compete in the HG.

District 10 (Livestock) - Quasimodo & Esmeralda Nothing too deep...I thought of Esmeralda's goat and that was enough for me. Why not Phoebus? Because I hate him.

District 11 (Agriculture) - John Smith & Pocahontas Corn!

District 12 (Mining) - "The Prince" & Snow White The dwarfs were miners! Close enough! Oh and here's some trivia for you. People think Cinderella and Snow White's princes were both named "Charming" but actually, SW's prince has never been referred to as such. He's simply "the Prince."

On a side note, I can totally imagine their Disney costumes to be their Tribute Parade outfits. Particularly Shang/Mulan and Eric/Ariel (in full mermaid get-up). haha

So yeah! Who do you think would win? I put my money on Mulan! My boyfriend says Hercules but looking at his character, I don't think he is capable of killing a woman. I see Beast as kind of like Thresh; his heart will betray him in the end.

Let the Games begin!
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Snow White would die first
BratzCloe23 Jan 17, 2014  Student
I love the art though, epic!
BratzCloe23 Jan 17, 2014  Student
What about What about Frozen?
Aladdin isn't greedy, he gave bread to a poor boy in the first minutes of the movie.
Love it~
I'm betting on Mulan :XD:
Mayonnais Jan 6, 2014  Student Artist
LOVE THE IDEA!!!! and the all the disney characters fit the districts SO WELL!!!!
Snow whites prince is actually named Ferdinand :)

I thought about this a little. 

This is assuming that everyone had the mindset that most tributes have: Survive, and they aren't hindered by any emotional attachments. Listing them by order of how they'd probably go. I also took into account the character's survivability based on the most ready they are to fight in the games in their own movies. 


These characters die in the bloodbath:
Jasmine (Can't fight, pampered her whole life, so she'll obviously go for as much stuff as she can)
Ariel (Bit of a klepto, clearly not a fighter, will go for the cornucopia and get killed by a much more powerful character)
Meg (Reckless, COULD handle herself in a fight, but there's too many other that are stronger than her)
Naveen (An airhead, will obviously go for the extra stuff, no combat experience)
The Prince (Mostly because of how little is known about him, purely speculation, he barely does anything in the movie)
and Snow White (Ditzy, inexperienced, an obvious and easy target)

First night:
(Eric would have drowned if it weren't for his good looks, he needs others to survive, and is too used to relying others for resources)
(Spoiled to the Nth degree, only reason that he got to the first night was because he's just smart enough run from the bloodbath)
(Cindy's patient, and a hard worker, she put up with her bitch stepsisters for the majority of her life, but they ruin one dress for her and she explodes. She's not strong enough for a challenge like this, physically and emotionally.)
(Smart girl, but she relies too much on her own. Belle needs someone else to work with to survive, and she chooses to be an outcast.)

And as the second day comes around, we start seeing deaths getting farther apart:
Jane is the first to go today, she makes it this far because she's educated, a quick learner, and supposedly has survival training. I think. She goes out into the jungles of Africa with a dress and a parasol, but she seems to know what's going on around her. Where she falls is that she's an emotional wreck. She's clearly flustered in stressful situations, and at times, even a little ditzy.

Milo goes next. His greatest strength is his persistence. His intelligence and resourcefulness is handy, but those don't count for anything if you're not willing to use them. Milo only really fails because he's so out of his element. He's a scholar, not a survivor.

Tiana is a hard worker, emotionally strong, and capable of holding her own. Her dad was a soldier, and she grew up poor, so she probably picked some stuff up. She goes down because of how little experience she has compared to some of the other Tributes here. 

Aladdin goes next. Boo-hoo-hoo. Aladdin did better than I honestly thought I would. He's cocky, and lets his morals get in the way of what should be in his best interests. However, Aladdin is a thief, an orphan, and an outcast. He's led a rough life, he's been hungry, he's been threatened, and he's dealt with his share of emotional stress. In other words, he fits right in with the Hunger Games. 

Mulan. Super Boo-hoo-hoo. Yes, Mulan is probably the most emotionally powerful person here, and she does have her share of combat experience, what with being a soldier and all. However, Mulan isn't FULLY trained, unlike some of the other Tributes that might see her as a possible threat. 

2nd night:
The Beast is exactly what he sounds like. He's a giant animal. He's big, strong, intimidating, and doesn't have too much humanity. He SHOULD be surviving longer, if it weren't for one little recurring problem here. He's also pampered. The guy might've grown up an outcast, but he grew up an outcast with a full working kitchen crew. He's not totally used to getting food, unlike most others here.

I was actually surprised with how John Smith turned out. He way lasted longer than I expected. The guy might be a bit too trustworthy, and that is a pretty big weakness, considering how he almost started a war between an entire colony of workers and soldiers against savage natives. However, he has combat training, as well as experience surviving in difficult conditions. 

Third day, getting closer and closer to the final 5...:
Quasimodo avoids violence when he can. His appearance makes other stay away from him most of the time, and if he WERE to get into a fight, he at least has the strength to hold his own. He's easily manipulated, though, which is unfortunate for him, as he doesn't have the best judgement.

Pocahontas is a survivalist. She is at home in harsh environments, and can find solutions to problems. She's too trusting, though. She meets a stranger that clearly was thinking about hurting her, and falls in love with him. Not a good strategy when people are trying to kill you. 

The Final Five!:
Hercules was definitely going to make it at least this far. He is a god, after all. He's super powerful, had combat training, and has had experience fighting monsters, so any crazy mutts sent his way won't be a problem. His biggest weakness is his personality. Like you said, he doesn't hurt women. On top of that, he's also conceited and naive (he is a teenager, after all). Someone like Kida or Esmerelda could very easily use this to their advantage. 

Speaking of Esmerelda, she's the next to go. Yeah, it wasn't very likely, she's definitely not the best fighter here, but that's not her best trick. Ezzy's biggest weapon is how easily she can influence someone. She managed to seduce a guy, and she literally wasn't even trying. She's also like Aladdin in that she grew up in similar conditions: poor, hungry, and most likely afraid. She's also capable of getting away and disappearing if things get hairy. Her downside is that when she trusts someone, that's when she becomes predictable. Anyone smart enough to use this, would.

Then comes Tarzan. Tarzan almost made it to the final two. Wow. Not like I should be surprised, though. His upbringing trumps everyone else's. He grew up in the jungle. The jungle. This guy learned how to hunt before he was even 10. This guy fought wild animals daily. Crazy is Tarzan's morning jog. Tarzan is also able to make connections, and not be attached to them. The guy's willing to abandon his gorilla family at the drop of a hat. His weakness is that, unlike a lot of others here, he isn't trained in combat. He's also slow to pick up on new concepts. 

Kida makes it to the Final two! Didn't see that one coming, did ya? Well, think about it. When we first see the girl, she's holding a spear, and ready to attack our heroes. Milo was lucky he knew Atlantean, because Kida could've easily taken him and a couple others down, if she wanted to. Kida is also as intelligent and resourceful as Milo, and to put everything else on top of that, she supposedly has some sort of secret power guarded by her people, so she (supposedly) has a backup in case things get hairy. 

I think I make a good case for Kida, don't I? Almost sounds like she should win. Why didn't she?

Because the actual winner of the Disney Hunger games has way more reason to. It's Shang. A lot of you probably saw this coming, and you have good reason to. Out of all these characters, all these headstrong, independent princesses and daring, handsome princes, Shang is the only one that is actually a soldier. Not just any soldier, Shang is groomed to be a general of China. He has the strength and skill to fight his opponents. He has the intelligence and cunning to use that power. He has the willpower to last through insanely harsh conditions, and keep moving the day after. He has the emotional power and mental stability to maintain a cool head in the midst of the conditions that the Games put in front of him. 

Whew. There we go. That's a good couple of hours I put into that. Hope you enjoyed it! I'm'na go to bedaifaiea
Thank you for writing that! How would you have tought Phillip have done if he was here? Aurora probably would died in the bloothbath as well, but Phillp would have been in top 10 in my opinion.
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